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Tax compliance, including the preparation and filing of your tax return, is often the first service people associate with accounting. And while it is a key part of what we do, much of the value we provide is in tax planning. Successful tax planning requires a deep knowledge of tax law and an equally in-depth knowledge of your business, including your operations, history, goals, and challenges. We are well versed in real estate transactions, business sales/acquisitions, international tax law, estate and trust planning, and more.

We know we do our best work when we develop long-term relationships with clients. This means we are seen as a trusted member of your team, teams remain consistent, you receive ongoing communication from us, and you have direct access to the Kernutt Stokes partner with whom you work.

We make it our priority to stay current on business issues and tax legislation in Oregon, including on the state, county, and local levels, as well as federal legislation and international issues. We will proactively reach out to you with new information that could affect your business. And, as an active member of BDO Alliance, one of Top 10 largest accounting firms in the U.S., we have access to a vast network of CPAs across the country to provide input on particularly complex or unique tax situations.

At Kernutt Stokes, it’s not about the transaction of your taxes; it’s about what’s best for you and your business.

Members of the Tax Consulting and Compliance team, led by Partner-in-Charge, Tiffany Nash (second from left). Tiffany is supported by teams in all of Kernutt Stokes’ offices.

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Information and Resources

4 Top Risks Related to a Remote Workforce

by Trever E. Campbell |
Having a remote workforce can lead to complex compliance issues, especially when employees are working in a variety of different states or countries. Tax regulations, labor laws, and employment contracts may vary significantly.

6 Advantages to Having a CPA in the Construction Sector

by Kaitlyn Coburn |
In the fast-paced and complex world of the construction industry, success depends not only on solid engineering and skilled labor but also on effective financial management. This is where a certified public accountant (CPA) plays a pivotal role.

Consider Section 1202 as Part of Your Estate and Trust Planning

by Kernutt Stokes |
For individuals seeking to minimize taxes while also transferring wealth to the next generation, the income tax benefits provided under Internal Revenue Code Section 1202 can match up well with estate planning efforts. Section 1202 permits a taxpayer other than a corporation to exclude from taxable income a specified percentage of gain – and potentially the entire gain – from the sale or exchange of “qualified small business stock” (QSBS) held for more than five years.

Why We May Never See A Better Environment for Transferring Wealth

by Kernutt Stokes |
It may seem that there will always be time to address estate planning. However, a unique opportunity to maximize the amount of wealth that can be tax-efficiently passed to heirs will expire at the end of 2025. Furthermore, legislation could curb lifetime exemption limits even sooner.