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Most business owners agree on the need for timely and accurate financial information, as well the desire to safeguard their financial assets. Yet not all accounting departments are created equal which can make those needs challenging for some businesses. That’s where we come in, with a full team of CPAs, QuickBooks Pro Advisors, and cross-trained accounting experts, to be a part of your team.

Whether you need a bookkeeper, a controller, a CFO, or somewhere in between, our virtual accounting services are customized to fit your business’ needs. We will help you streamline your processes – we are accountants after all – and we make sure you have current and correct financial information. We will collaborate with you about your strategic goals so you can use that information to help make decisions to achieve those goals.

We also know it can be hard on your business when you experience turnover within your internal accounting team, including the time and resources it takes to continuously recruit new people. We can provide you with peace of mind, as our team is part of our overall firm, giving us additional technical resources and expertise to support you and your business.

One team of accounting experts filling one position in your business sounds like financial sense to us.

Members of the Virtual Accounting team, led by Partner-in-Charge Haley Lyons (seated, center).

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4 Ways Accounting Practices Aid in Fraud Prevention

by Charlotte Kreitlow |
Fraudulent activities come in many forms, often exploiting weaknesses in internal controls and processes. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), businesses lose an estimated 5% of their annual revenues to fraud each year. This staggering statistic underscores the urgency for businesses to implement proactive measures to deter, detect, and mitigate fraud. In this blog, I’ll share four ways your accounting practices can help in fraud prevention.

Fraud Prevention | Safeguarding Your Business

by Charlotte Kreitlow |
In the intricate web of commerce, businesses are vulnerable to various risks, with fraud being one of the most insidious threats. From embezzlement to financial misstatement manipulation, to asset misappropriation, fraudulent activities can cause irreparable damage to a company's financial health and reputation. In the face of such risks, a robust fraud prevention framework is indispensable, and well designed and implemented accounting practices play a pivotal role in fortifying the defenses of businesses against fraudulent activities.

10 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Finance Department to a Virtual Accounting Team

by Nicholas Vitale |
Outsourcing your accounting department, including transactional accountants, a controller, or a fractional CFO, to a CPA firm's "Virtual Accounting" practice has become more prevalent in recent years for small and medium-sized organizations seeking financial expertise without the high cost of a full-time employee.

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What you should know about 1099 changes for 2023, as well as year-end reporting and compliance requirements if you have employees.