Family-Owned Businesses

In our more than 75 year history, we have worked with countless family owned businesses. These entities have all the typical responsibilities associated with owning and running a business with the additional complexity created by family dynamics and a shared source of income. 

Whether your business is in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, agribusiness, timber, commercial real estate, or any other type of family owned company, our business is all about helping you. We often provide accounting and consulting services for the business as well as accounting for the family, creating a seamless and efficient solution.

From setting up the initial accounting system to tax consulting and compliance, estate planning, mergers and acquisitions, financial planning, benchmarking and trend analysis, accounting software assistance, employee benefits and payroll, and more, our experience with family owned businesses can help ensure that you take your company to the next level and, if desired, to the next generation.

As an Oregon-based business ourselves, we are proud to have helped many Oregon-based family businesses succeed. We welcome the opportunity to meet you and find out how we might be of assistance to you, your family, and your business.


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