Agribusiness is big business in Oregon. We have an abundance of nurseries, grass seed producers, ranches, vineyards, hop farms, dairies, tree farms, timber lands, and more. As an Oregon-based business for more than 75 years, we have literally grown up with agribusinesses and thoroughly enjoy partnering with them. 

Each niche and company within agribusiness has a unique history and set of needs. We start by understanding your industry, including your product line(s), harvest season, workforce, size of your operation, and challenges you are facing. We also look at your business structure and ownership, review financial statements and past tax returns, and plans for the future of the business, all with an eye toward maximizing the health of your business.

Our comprehensive approach and team of nearly 90 professionals allows us to have a depth of knowledge within specific aspects of running a business, including multi-generational business transfers, retirement planning, estate planning, employee benefit plans, or insurance. 

Kernutt Stokes is proud to be a member of a number of organizations in the agribusiness industry, including the Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association, Oregon Association of Nurseries, Oregon Seed Association, and Oregon Nut Growers.

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Meet Our Agribusiness Team

Shelby Green, CPA and Shelly Sorem, CPA, Partner
“I grew up in the country and put myself through college driving seed trucks. I love working with clients in this industry and helping them succeed.”
- Shelly Sorem, CPA, Partner

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