Audit and Assurance

In today’s business environment, creditors, shareholders, and business partners require an objective look at both the financial condition and operations of a business so they can make more informed and accurate decisions.

At Kernutt Stokes, we’ve built a reputation for helping clients of every size implement reporting processes that allow them to run more profitable operations and ensure there is an adequate set of controls in place to safeguard their company’s assets. We provide a wide range of expert business assurance services to meet the needs of large organizations, small start-ups, and everything in between.

Our process starts with gaining a thorough understanding of your business. Each business, even if they are in the same industry, might run completely differently. This also allows us to understand any problems you are having, from staffing to supply chain and beyond, so we can identify solutions.

For businesses requiring regular audits, you can expect to work with the same team members each time. We know continuity is important in accumulating knowledge and insight about your business operations. Ultimately, we seek to build real relationships with our clients, not just provide a service.

Looking for information about other audit services? Visit Internal Audit and Employee Benefit Plan Audits.

Members of the Audit and Assurance team, led by Partner-in-Charge Pat Deming (second from left). Pat is supported by teams in all of Kernutt Stokes’ offices.

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