Manufacturing is a complex industry, regardless of the product(s) you’re producing. That complexity, and the opportunity that accompanies it, is exactly what appeals to our manufacturing team at Kernutt Stokes. 

In our more than 75-year history, we have worked with small to large-scale manufacturing firms throughout Oregon and companies with distribution in the state, out of state, and internationally. Whether you make steel, textiles, forest products, storage and transportation products, food products, or any other range of items, our dedicated team can provide you with all of the accounting and business consulting help you need, all from the convenience of our firm.

We look at all aspects of your manufacturing business, including product and inventory costing, supply chain, labor management, margin cycles, cash management and collections, internal and external financial statements, tax deductions and exclusions, and more. We also consider the medium and long term goals for the business, and plan for succession. Throughout the process and throughout the year, our goals are to increase your revenue, reduce your costs, and help you manage your liability. 

Additionally, we have served multiple generations for our clients’ businesses and we know it can be difficult to transition to the next generation in a business. Because we’ve served manufacturing companies for as long as we have, our “next” generation team has learned from our earlier teams, and will be right there alongside you. 

We know you work hard to succeed in manufacturing. We want to ensure that every aspect of your business is working just as hard for you, including your CPA team. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work for you, let’s talk.

Meet Our Manufacturing Team

Jonathan Powell, CPA, Partner and Chad Steinhauer, CPA
“Manufacturing businesses are run by hard working people, often multiple generations of a family. We enjoy the complexity of manufacturing industry and helping alleviate the stress that comes with the business."
- Jonathan Powell, CPA, Partner

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