Kernutt Stokes Partner Group

Traditional is not our forte. At Kernutt Stokes, we aspire to reach new heights each and every day. As leaders in our field—rather than followers—we operate at the cutting edge, taking on both new problems and old with a fresh approach.

We believe that if something is worth doing, then it’s worth doing right. Since 1945, our professionals have been hard at work creating and developing opportunities for a vast array of clients. We start with your dreams and help you develop them into ideas. Those ideas, combined with data and information, become a workable plan. Add in some time and hard work, and your dreams turn into your future.

Our Core Values:

  • People Come First – Whether our people, your people, or our neighbors in the community, we recognize that people are what makes us great. We are distinguished for our commitment to individual respect, professional growth, and leadership development. In 2021, Oregon Business magazine named us one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For In Oregon.
  • Integrity is Key – We value our clients’ trust and respect. This means striving to always do what’s right, not what’s easy, and to always communicate honestly.
  • Excellence is Expected – We believe success stems from quality, reliability, and dedication in all of our actions. As such, we deliver what we promise and add value beyond what is expected.