Each type of beverage manufacturer is unique in their industry and faces their own set of challenges, whether in material acquisition, manufacturing and distribution, or food safety legislation. The Kernutt Stokes Beverage Industry team specializes in services to breweries and understands the intricacies these businesses face each day. We work with our brewery clients to develop and implement a strategic plan that meets their financial and operational needs while maintaining compliance. Our dedicated professionals fully understand the beer industry and can easily provide clients with a cost analysis of equipment, a financial statement analysis, tax saving ideas, or inventory costing. We also work with both small and large breweries to develop sustainable business practices and identify tax credits available for installation of efficient equipment. As members of the Oregon Brewers Guild, Cascade Brewers Society, Beverage Industry Networking Group, and Brewer’s Association, our trusted advisors closely monitor industry news and keep our clients abreast of issues that affect their business.

Below are a few of the many services provided by The Kernutt Stokes Brewery Services team:

  • Multi-state taxation compliance
  • Inventory accounting and valuation (UNICAP)
  • Depreciation opportunities including cost segregation
  • Management consulting
  • Audit, review and compilation services
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Business planning
  • Return on investment studies
  • IC-DISC studies
  • R&D credit studies
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Farm accounting methods
  • Multi-location accounting systems
  • Alcohol compliance reports

To learn more about Kernutt Stokes’ beverage industry services, contact Matthew Diment at mdiment@wordpress-666793-2182776.cloudwaysapps.com or by calling 541-687-1170.