There is great power in simplicity.  Reaching out to your customers on a personal level and going right to the heart of what’s most important to them, in a straightforward way, goes a long way toward loyalty.

Doing this can help them:

  1. Feel appreciated
  2. Save time
  3. Listen to them
  4. Help them relax
  5. Guide them to success
  6. Help them learn

Thanking a client for giving you tough feedback is a particularly important way to show your appreciation, as it lets them know that you’re grateful not just for their praise, but for their honesty and insight as well.

Think about what’s it’s like for customers to deal with your company and then do everything you can to make it as simple and quick as possible.

Make it easy for your customers to tell people what a great experience they’ve had: provide ways to recommend your products or services that are easy and fun; social media is a great vehicle for this.

People love to learn, especially if the information you offer adds to their existing expertise about something they’re already interested in and excited about.  Your customers will feel like you really know them.

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