For your business to grow and maintain its agility, the technology you use must stay current and up-to-date. This process of switching to new systems can be intimidating and even frustrating to those using it – your employees. By carefully training your employees, you can make sure that your new technology doesn’t alienate, but excites your team!

Make Training a Priority
If your team can’t effectively use your newly introduced solutions, morale and productivity may suffer. Start by creating a change management plan, with training as the main focus. Schedule training sessions with attendance required for everyone in your organization. Consider even offering follow-up sessions for employees who are resistant to or confused by using the newly introduced technology.

Effectively Delivering Training
In some cases, each department or team might require different levels or styles of training. Make sure your training is tailored to fit each and every department and that it’s unique to their usage and areas of expertise. For example, some departments will get the best results from in-person group training, while other groups might prefer self-guided materials.

Get Employee Feedback
Most likely this won’t be the last big technology change in your company’s near future, so make sure to get the best results next time by getting employee feedback. Use this data to determine if there are any issues that should be addressed the next time a big technology rollout happens. Listening to your employees’ thoughts on your training process can help you create a more effective plan in the future.

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