Ask yourself: do you want short-term customers orcustomers for life?

Here’s what you can do to ensure that your customers want to keep coming back:

Turn No into Maybe

It’s only a matter of time before a customer asks you to sell something that you don’t already offer, but might be able to.  Perhaps it’s variation on a product you offer or different delivery terms.  Great salespeople will turn the no into a maybe.

Realize Problems Are Good for Sales

Problems can be costly if they are not handled correctly.  Instead of avoiding them, face them head on by acknowledging them without delay.  Information and communication are critical when your customers have a problem.

Prove What You’re Worth

Talk is cheap.  Great salespeople show their customers just how much they’ve helped reduce a cost, avoid a cost or increase revenue.  Start keeping score on the value you bring your customers.

Be Easy to Work With

Do you even know how easy you are to work with?  You can remove customer obstacles when you know what your customer experiences.  Ask your customers what makes it difficult for them to work with you and resolve to improve your process.

Give Them What They Want

Some customers are only concerned with on time deliveries and correct billing.  Others want your help to implement programs and use your products to their fullest potential.  Do you know which customer is which?

Doing things that consistently engage and satisfy your customers will go a long way toward making them lifetime customers.

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