Making your employees feel appreciated doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are ways to reward your team that don’t cost any money. Regular recognition and praise given to employees has been shown to increase productivity, engagement among coworkers, loyalty and career satisfaction. Here are 20 ways to reward your employees, all without cost:

  1. Offer Flexible Work Hours
  2. Offer Telecommuting Options
  3. Acknowledge Progress
  4. Offer One or Two Bonus Days Off
  5. Say “Thank You”
  6. Send a Handwritten Letter
  7. Praise Them Publicly at the Next Meeting
  8. Send Out a Recognition Email to the Entire Company
  9. Create a “Hall of Fame” in the Lunch Room
  10. Introduce Employees to Customers or Senior Management
  11. Give Employees Access to a Mentor (maybe even you)
  12. Use of the President’s Office for a Day
  13. Allow Casual Dress on Fridays
  14. Write them a LinkedIn Recommendation
  15. Let them Swap Jobs with Someone for a Day
  16. Give them an Exclusive Parking Spot
  17. Let them Volunteer at the Organization Of Their Choice
  18. Let them work on a Side Project
  19. Let the Employee Take a Long Lunch Break
  20. Let them Bring Their Dog to Work for the Day

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