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Since 1945, Kernutt Stokes has been turning information into opportunity for our clients.

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For more than 75 years, we've been using our knowledge of the region to help our clients succeed.

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Discover Our Difference


We know our people make us great.


We do what’s right, not what’s easy.


We deliver what we promise and add value beyond what is expected.

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At Kernutt Stokes, we’re committed to helping our clients become more profitable and more competitive. We accomplish this by offering not just a broad range of accounting and business consulting capabilities and services, but also a deep working knowledge of a number of key industries.

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Nov 30 2022

2022 Year-End Tax Planning Ideas

As year-end approaches consider the following tax planning ideas and action items before ringing in the new year for individuals and businesses.
Nov 30 2022

2022 Year-End Business Deductions

There have been changes over the last few years for what businesses can deduct when it comes to meals and entertainment. Download our helpful document that outlines...
Nov 30 2022

Records Retention Guidelines

Are you wondering how long you’re supposed to keep your business and individual records? Download our helpful guidelines.
Nov 23 2022

1099 & Year-End Reporting/Compliance Requirements for 2022 and What’s Changing in 2023

What you should know about 1099 changes for 2022, as well as year-end reporting and compliance requirements if you have employees.
Nov 08 2022

Is Your Company Effectively Managing Tax Risk?

The concept of “tax risk” is an important and regular topic of discussion across organizations and in boardrooms, and for good reason. Businesses that operate across...
Changes to Lease Accounting

Changes to Lease Accounting

If you are a business owner, CFO, lender, or investor, you have probably long heard rumors of a new lease standard coming in the world of accounting. In fact, you have probably heard about it for so long that you don’t even remember when or what it is all about at this point. Well, the “when” is finally now, and the “what” I will describe more for you here.

The Great Regret Urges Plan Sponsors to Review Their Benefits Lineup

The Great Regret Urges Plan Sponsors to Review Their Benefits Lineup

We have all heard of the Great Resignation, a term coined to describe the millions of employees that left their jobs since the onset of the COVID pandemic in 2020. Many employees who moved on to another job are having second thoughts about their decision—a new phenomenon that is being referred to as the Great Regret.