Oregon Pass-Through Entity Tax Rate Modifications

Oregon state flag

Oregon has allowed a reduced tax rate for qualifying income for sole proprietorships, partnerships and S corporations that is taken on your individual return. The qualifying income must be from a business you materially participated in and the business must have employed at least one non-owner employee worked a minimum of 1,200 hours.

The new law modification effective January 1, 2021 reduces two marginal pass-through entity (PTE) income tax rates:

  • The rate for pass-through income exceeding $250,000 but not exceeding $500,000 is reduced from 7.2% to 7%.
  • The rate for pass-through income exceeding $500,000 but not exceeding $1 million is reduced from 7.6% to 7.5%.

However, the modifications now eliminate the reduced rates from the partnership or S corporation that has ordinary business income in excess of $5 million for the tax year. In addition, for a partnership or S corporation, the trade or business must comply with revised employee ratio requirements or a new income distribution limitation of 25% of income requirement that could eliminate the previous benefits. The bill also modified employment requirements for participating PTEs that are more restrictive based on tiered ordinary income levels.

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