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Kernutt Stokes Partner Group
What to Look For in a CPA

Not all CPAs or tax returns are the same. Partner Jonathan Powell shares what you should be looking for in your CPA and what makes Kernutt Stokes different than other CPA firms.

What to Look For in an Auditor

Is your business looking for a new auditor? Kernutt Stokes Partner Pat Deming shares what you should look for when selecting an auditor.

Virtual Accounting

Partner Haley Lyons talks about virtual accounting and why it may be a good option for your business or organization. Learn more about our Virtual Accounting services.

Internal Audit

Partner Trever Campbell breaks down the various components of internal audits, how it differs from a financial statement audit, and how we can customize it to suit your company’s needs.

Tax Deductions

Partner Brent Laird shares insights about tax deductions for individuals and businesses. Learn more about our tax services.

Understanding IRAs

Kernutt Stokes Partner Kevin Bell breaks down what you should know about IRAs.

Understanding IRAs for Kids

Kernutt Stokes Partner Kevin Bell shares tips for how and when to set up an IRA for your kids.

Estate Planning: Getting Started

Kernutt Stokes Partner John Mlynczyk shares key things to know when it comes to getting started with estate planning.

Estate Planning: Tax Filings & Strategies

Partner John Mlynczyk discusses strategies for estate planning and key tax filing timelines for estates.

Estate Administration

Are you an executor or personal representative for someone’s estate? Kernutt Stokes Partner John Mlynczyk walks you through how to get started and what you need to do.

Real Estate

Partner Brent Laird talks about residential and commercial real estate, adding them to your investment portfolio, how to report real estate income on your tax return, and more.

Real Estate: Investing & Tax Strategies

Partner Brent Laird discusses investing in real estate as well as tax strategies for both residential and commercial real estate.

Retirement Planning for Businesses | 401k Plan

Partner Dean Huber discusses the benefits of a business offering a 401k plan, including the flexibility to set up the program and parameters that benefits your employees, your business, and you.

Retirement Planning for Businesses | OregonSaves

Partner Dean Huber shares some key things Oregon business owners should know about OregonSaves.