What do many transportation companies lack? Accounting professionals who are specialized and experienced in their industry. Look no further, Kernutt Stokes is prepared to offer you thorough oversight, sound advice, and specialized transportation services.

We understand the challenges you face and the opportunities you seek. Let the Kernutt Stokes professionals be your guides.

We offer the following transportation services:

  • Multi-state nexus
  • Capital lease
  • Debt capitalization
  • Payroll drivers
  • Asset utilization
  • Liability exposure
  • Fuel price volatility
  • Rolling stock lease back

We want to help drive your growth.

Contact us today to find out how Kernutt Stokes can help your business.

Meet the Kernutt Stokes Transportation Team

Warren Barnes, CPA

Warren Barnes, CPA


Kimberly Pepion, CPA

Kimberly Pepion, CPA

Senior Manager