In the business world today your business can either be known as a disruptor or the disrupted. Success in any industry relies on a CEO’s ability to see changes in the market and react accordingly. When CEO’s fail to react, and therefore become disrupted, businesses trend downward.

In an article from Inc. author Gordon Tredgold writes, “If you aren’t making things happen for you, or your company, then someone is probably going to put you out of business right under your nose with a lower price point and better business plan”.

In the article Tredgold discusses:

  • 5 reasons why companies get disrupted
  • 6 reasons companies disrupt themselves

Tredgold continues, “In today’s business world there are only two options: be the disrupter or get disrupted. Only one of those options has a rosy future”. Is your business primed to be a disruptor or get disrupted?

To read more, see the full article from Gordon Tredgold in Inc.